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Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. We have our Faculty Incharge of the Student forum who shows us the way.

Dr. K Lakshmisudha

Prof. Leena Ladge
ISF Co-ordinator

Core Team

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Vikrant Deshmukh

Geeta Seshapalli

Sarvana Thevar

Pooja Shetty
Vice Chairperson

Moneki Koneti
Joint Treasurer

Vaishanvi Mantri
Joint Secretary

Advisory Board

Guiding student leaders in successfully planning events, making decisions and representing their fellow students. Taking on tasks for developing student's leadership skills and supporting their efforts in the council. Assisting the Forum in formulating long-range goals and in planning and initiating short term activities. Offering guidance by reviewing goals, objectives, and the progress of the Student Chapter.

Tanvi Jadhav

Pushpa Iyer

Active Members

Officially representing the students in the Committee. Communicating their opinion on any subject that requires their involvement. Also, encouraging students in organizing and participating in forum-related activities.

S. Ananthaselvi
TE Active Member

Darshan Patel
TE Active Member

Technical Team

Using various technologies to create and update websites and applications.

Abhinaya Pillai
Techinal Head

Altaf ALi
Techinal Head

Anirudh Belwadi
Technical Co-ordinator

Aakriti Sharma
Technical Co-ordinator

Aftab Mansoori
Technical Co-ordinator

Akash Maurya
Technical Co-ordinator

Surendra Ediga
Technical Co-ordinator

Creative Team

Working unanimously for a targeted goal they have set their benchmark. Making the events as appealing as possible according to the theme by their creative sketches, paintings, & 3D Models.

Hitesh Nishad
Creative Head

Nanditha Iyer
Creative Head

Melvina Micheal
Creative Co-ordinator

Design Team

Staying in touch with the team and creating attractive as well as informative posts Accomplishing their primary responsibility of taking the idea and bringing life to it using their professional & creative skills.

Shreyas Jaiswal
Design Head

Malvika Selvan
Design Co-ordinator

Social Media Team

Creating attractive posts and articulate captions. Establishing the online presence of our Committee by promoting activities and keeping the Students up-to-date with the latest events.

Mukku Vaishnavi
Social Media Co-ordinator

Pillai Suraj Shankarraj
Social Media Co-ordinator

Outreach Team

From bringing sponsors to encouraging the students for maximum participation, the Outreach team makes the events a huge success. Representing the Student Chapter outside the college and maintaining relations with peer colleges.

Digamber Mulik
Outreach Head

Pavitra Venkatraman
Marketing Co-ordinator

Rabiya Idrishi
Marketing Co-ordinator

Shweta Pai
Publicity Co-ordinator

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